About Us

Education is the most powerful key to any success.

We want people to change the world, by helping them to be the best they can, through education.

We believe in a free world, where everybody has easy access to global and individual learning.

What we do?

Do you remember that flamenco course you always wanted to take? Math isn’t your cup of tea? Need some help with your English course? Worried if you will get the university credits to pass the course?

Sofia, Sofia, Sofia and Sofia is the answer each time.

Sofia is always the answer because our main goal is that you learn while enjoying it! After all,

Education is the basis to everything in life!

We aim not only for the students to enjoy learning, but for the teachers to love teaching too! Sofia Square is intended for teachers not just to give lessons, but also inspire and awaken their students!

Our platform will be your staunchest ally, providing educational material, monitoring assistance, assessments, timetables… and all the necessary tools you need to become a master at education!

Because, teaching is the best way to learn!

Our mission is…
…to inspire the world.

To contribute to a broader learning through an improved World Wide Education for anybody.

Our values

We want teachers to feel like the heroes that they are







Our team

We’re a group of passionate, adventurous and committed people determined to revolutionize the world. In our team you can find experienced teachers, programmers, product managers, engineers… a diverse group with a unique common denominator: we care and always will do.

We are based in Madrid, heart of Spain, an amazing place to live and work because of its creativity, culture, kindness, traditions, art heritage, innovation and passion. We all come from different cities and countries but we all find Madrid the perfect place to, not only let our ideas spring, but also execute them.

Andrés Dancausa


Manuel Serrano


Enrique Álvarez

IT Leader

Irene Carreira

Product Leader

María Dancausa

Operations Analyst

Javier Prada

Senior Developer

David Esteban

Front-end Developer

Is that you?

Growth Manager

Is that you?

Product Intern

Our features

We are







Our brand

We want teachers to feel like the heroes that they are


We are hiring!

There are only a few times in your life when you’ll encounter an opportunity to join a company at this stage of its development.

We’re building the next exponential Ed-Tech company, and we’re looking for talent in order to create a Real Dream Team.

You’ll join an amazing team of ambitious people who are singularly focused on one aim: using technology to improve people’s education.

Would you like to work in Madrid?

Join the dream… we are hiring!


7 reasons to work with us

  1. Because we’ll revolutionize the world.
  2. Because we give and offer opportunities.
  3. Because of our experience and expertise in the sector.
  4. Because we believe no question is silly.
  5. Because we believe in you.
  6. Because we’ll never get tired of learning.
  7. Because of our good environment, comradeship and teamwork.

What do we look for?

  • Limitless People!
  • Commitment and Strength.
  • Excitement and Determination.
  • Efficiency and Proactivity.
  • Teamwork.
  • Global People.
  • Ability to face Challenges.

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